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After the passing of their son Yves In 2011 at the age of 23, Max and Monique created 'TOY', an organisation which gathers together those who have lost loved ones and wish to honour their memory, appreciate their precious time together, and celebrate their lives by doing something that matters.

'TOY' stands for 'Thinking of Yves'. Through 'TOY Cap projects',  the TOY community is dedicated to doing things that matter in Yves' name and, in such actions, keep his memory alive.

Through helping others, TOY has, over the years, transformed from 'Thinking of Yves', to 'Thinking of You'.

Everyone seeking comfort is invited to connect around 'Thinking of You' to help remember those who have moved on by making a positive difference to those who are still here with us.

Life is about the people you meet, the people you have lost, and what you help to create for the future in their memory.

Sal's Shoes is a charity which, through our TOY Cap Project, we are honoured to support. There are 300 million children in the world for whom walking with shoes is a rarity. This makes them vulnerable to infection by parasites and injuries that are almost always left untreated. Without shoes, many children are not permitted to attend school.

Our goal is to give at least 1000 pairs of pre-loved shoes another chance to splash in puddles and kick up leaves on a new pair of feet. It costs £1 to ship each pair of shoes to hopeful children who live both near and far. We hope our fundraising effords will ensure each pair of donated shoes will complete their journey to a new home.